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An inspiring video I made
Make-A-Wish Utah


Watch our complete display below

Holdman Christmas is now on Facebook. I will always update this page but on Facebook, we post more of the details of what is happening with the display. See you there and please tell your friends!

What is Happening in 2012

2010 was the last year for our large display on our home. The traffic became to much along with some neighbor complaints but for the record there were many awesome neighbors that loved it and I really appreciate their support over the years. We moved in 2012 for a variety of reasons and I started devoting all my time to my new lighting company Holdman Lighting. Starting in July I started receiving a lot of calls from people wanting displays and took on 9 commercial displays to create in 2012. I have travelled to 3 countries outside the US and 2 other states in the US. I also have displays in Korea, Illinois, and Florida that I have sent other people to work on since I could not physically make it all the locations. The displays I have created in 2012 are

Argentina, Puerto Iguazu - Duty Free Shop
Canada, Toronto Brampton - Mandarin Restaurant
Minnesota, Bloomington - Rotunda in Mall of America, HGTV
Texas, Houston - Northwest Dodge Dealership
Utah, Salt Lake City - Valley Fair Mail
Utah, Draper - Christensen & Hymas Law Firm
Illinois, Macomb - Grand Prairie Assisted Living
Florida, Fort Lauderdale - Grace Point Church
Russia, near Moscow - City Park and shopping center - Setup starts Dec 10th.
Korea - More info to come.

I hope to have videos online of some of the projects in the next few days.

Thank you for all your support and those that have followed us over the past 7 years.

Project in 2011 in Florida

In 2012 I helped design, program, and install this light show in Florida that gives thanks to our Troops and Veterans. You can watch the video below.

Display at Valley Fair Mall

Hello Everybody. After 5 years of running the display we made the decission to no longer run the display. The display has become very popular and is reaching the limits of how much traffic we can handle and the HOA will only allow it to run certain nights. The good news is that I have created a large display at Valley Fair Mall in Salt Lake City with plenty of parking. See Directions and Times for more information.

LOR Sequences Available

By popular request I am selling the Light-O-Rama sequences from my display and doing custom programing. If you are interested in this, please visit my other site at - You can adapt these sequences to your display and save yourself a lot of time. Great for the beginner or those that don't have time to program their display from scratch.

Update Jan 16th 2011

Thank you everybody for a great season! The light show is officially done and things are starting to come down. We ended up collecting $3564 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Hope everybody has a great year in 2011!

This past season we received an awesome letter from Tobias from Switzerland. Be sure to check it out. Thank you Tobias!

Update Dec 28th. Show over for the year. DVD Available.

Thank you everybody for coming this year. We collected around $2000 for the Make-A-Wish founation and we will post the total later after we figured up the online donations. It is not as much as past years since we were limited to the days we could run the display.

We tried something new the last 2 nights and gave out a DVD of the display if people donated $10 or more to the Make-A-Wish foundation. We handed out about 100 DVDs and collected over $1200 those two nights! Thank you everybody! If you wish to get one of the DVDs we were handing out, you can get one here.

New Video for 2010 - The House on Christmas Street Music Video

facebook Please help us spread this video by sharing it on facebook

We hope you enjoy this new video we made for 2010! Judy Pancoast is touring to Christmas displays all across America performing her hit song "The House on Christmas Street". She visited us on the night of December 6th and performed to a crowd of 250+ people in front of our house. Everybody loved it and after the concert we made a music video of her. We think you will enjoy it and are hard at work making more videos for this season.

Please check out Judy Pancoast on her web site and tour blog!

Judy Pancoast Performing on the Night of December 6th

Judy Pancoast is coming to our display the night of December 6th at 7pm located at 3183 Millcreek Road in Pleasant Grove, Utah. She is driving her van all around the country spreading Christmas cheer. Judy is performing her "House on Christmas Street" song almost every single night of December at various Christmas Displays all across the Country.

She will be performing various songs for 60 minutes at our display for the crowd and then be singing her signature song "The House on Christmas Street" live in front of our display. Judy is known for Childrens music and this will be a great event to bring kids to. Only friends and family are invited to enter the gate this night but the public is welcome to walk on in and we encourge you to do so. You can park on the north side of the road before you hit our gate or in the church parking lot that is close by.

After the concert we will be making a music video of "The House on Christmas Street" for the next hour and you a free to stick around if you wish, but we will be all over the place and starting and stoping many times. We will also have a donation box where 100% of the money collected will go to the Utah chapter of Make-a-Wish. This is our 5th year helping Make-a-Wish and we have raised $30,000 so far. Help us make a few more wishes come true this year.

You can learn more about her tour on her blog and web site at

Working on Display for 2010

The 2010 display almost did not happen but I had my good friends Chris (who helped in 2008 & 2009) and Paul come forth to help set it up. It will take place again at my house where I did it in 2006 and 2007. There were some neighborhood issues last time I had it at my house since we live in a gated community. It looks like the HOA has agreed to open the gates about 8-9 times during the month of December. The first date looks like it will be around the 10th of December but we will update the site when we get the final dates. Stay Tuned!

2009 Display is Over - Plans start for 2010

A Big Thank You to all those that supported us in 2009.

The Total that everybody donated to Make-A-Wish was $8,010. Thank You!
Click here to find out what wishes were granted because of you!

Christmas is over for the 2009 season and the display was a great success. $8,010 was collected for the Utah Chapter of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Thank you everybody for your donations and making it a great year.

There is a good chance that the display will return to my home for 2010 and we are planning a lot of new things and songs for our Internet audience. We will see you later in the 2010 Season!

Update - Dec 21 2009 - One Wish Granted!

Last night we hit $5,000 in donations for Make-A-Wish which means one child will be able to have his/her wish granted! Thank You everybody! Lets see if we can make it 2 before the season is done.

Just a reminder that it is the last week before Christmas this Friday and the display will be very busy. Be prepared to wait as it may take you 30 minutes or more because of the line to see the display. If you don't want to wait, it might be best to park you car on the west side of the display (the neighborhood makes a full loop) and walk up. We have speakers outside so you can enjoy the music. The earlier you can get to the display, the better it will be for traffic.

We only have 3 songs running right now to help move traffic faster.
We will have all 6 songs running again after Christmas when traffic dies down so if you want to see the full show, come back again after Christmas.

Update - Dec 17 2009 - $1,000 Make-A-Wish Donation

Last year contacted me about doing a wire frame based on my Bethelam Star that I created for the display. They told me that they would give 50% of the profit to the Make-A-Wish foundation. I just got word today that they are sending me a check for $1,000 that will to the Utah Chapter of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Thank You Gary and Val!

Click Here to visit their site and see if any of their products would be good for your display.

Update - Dec 6 2009

Channel 2 News came out the other night and did a story on our display. Watch it below.

We have collected around $700 for Make-A-Wish this season with last night being a record of $280 for the season. Thank You!

We have had a few request from people asking when the 2009 videos will be online. I like to video the display after we get a bunch of snow which makes it look better. We have not gotten much snow lately but it did snow once inch last nigh but waiting for more. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Update - Dec 1st 2009

Today we added a new feature to the display. We have 16 deer hanging up in the air to do a "deer run". Now we are just programming them into our current songs and should be running (literally) tomorrow.

We have collected close to $300 for Make-A-Wish so far. Thank You!

Update - Nov 27 2009 - Display is running!

The display is up and running. The Lights run from 5pm to 10pm Sunday through Thursday & 5pm to 11pm Friday & Saturday. Right now we have the same songs but will add a couple of new ones After the 5th of December.

We will be rasing money for Make-A-Wish again this year. Last year we collected almost $5,000 in donations which was able to grant a wish to McKaylee. Visit our "Make-A-Wish Kids" page to learn more about the wishes granted thanks to all our visitors to our display.

Update - Dec 28 2008

The last day the display will be running is Monday, Jan 5th

This year has been a lot of fun and work and we are getting ready for next year. Sierra and I hit all the after Christmas sales and bought about 50,000 more lights with some being 75% off! We bought mostly clears since that is what is mostly left after Christmas.

You always get strange looks when you start loading Christmas lights by the case into a shopping cart. Every year I get asked questions from people that think I work there. :) Once you start loading up lights and people realize that you are there to buy them all, they start grabbing a few boxes really fast so you don't take them all.

Update - Dec 24 2008

Many people have been e-mailing us asking how they can make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah. In the past we have only had a donation box in front of the display but now have a donation page for those that want to donate online.

We know that times are tough and nobody should feel obligated to donate either online or at the display. The Christmas light show is a free gift we like to give to the community and the donations is just a bonus.

Update - Dec 20 2008

All the 2008 videos are now online. This years display is not as camera friendly as last years because it is so wide. It is much better in person.

We have collected over $2,000 so far for the Utah Chapter of Make-A-Wish. Thank you everybody!

I had to move this years display because of the HOA (read the faq) and many people are trying to show up at my house to see the lights. I put up a sign in front of the gate to our neighborhood that says the light show is moved and a box with maps to the new location. So far I have had to print over 800 maps!

On my house this year I don't have a single Christmas light on the outside and only have an inflatable Grinch. All the neighbors and people that supported the display think it is hilarious. I am not sure what those people that voted for the gate to be closed think. I want them to know it is all in good fun and have a sense of humor. :)

Update - Dec 16 2008

I woke up at 5:30am so I could get some videos of the display without any cars in it and was surprised at the 5 inches of snow we received! I videoed the display and was able to get one up today. Click Here to visit the page for the 2008 videos. Right now there is only one video which is a new song for this year, Frosty the Snowman!.

More videos will be coming online in the next 24 hours

Christmas is getting closer and the display is getting more busy. It is best to come Tuesday-Thrusday. The Earlier, the better.

So far we have collected $1200 for Make-A-Wish! Thanks!


Update - Dec 1 2008 - Display Running!

The Display is up and running and Dec 1st will be the first night it will be on. Right now only one song is playing and more will be added on Dec 2nd. Tune to 99.9 FM when you are near the display to hear the music.

Update - Nov 26 2008

Not sure if we will be up and running by Friday Nov 28th. I have been working on another project for the Festival of Trees and it has taken way more time than I thought. We should be running for sure by Dec 1st though. As soon as the display is live we will let everybody know on the web site.

Update - Nov 22 2008

Chris and I are hard at work on the display. We were able to wrap 20+ trees with some of them being over 20 feet tall! Ace Rents was gracious enough to lend us a man lift to get to the high parts of the trees. We had to do a major power upgrade including installing a transformer and 20 dedicated outlets and breakers. We have close to 150,000 Lights this year!

We are shooting to have the display up and running the Friday, Nov 28th.

Update - Nov 9 2008

Set up is going good so far with the display. I have to give a big thanks to Chris who is a 17 year old teenager that approached me and asked if he could help with the display. We have wrapped quite a few trees so far and have a lot more work to do. He has been a huge help so a big thanks to Chris for helping out.

Here is a picture of the location

New Location for 2008

The new location for the Christmas Light show will be at my Parents House in Lindon, Utah.

The Christmas Light show almost did not happen this year. I had a few locations picked out but many of them were not ideal because of parking issues. My house was perfect because there was a lot of room for cars to watch the show but unfortunately my neighbors did not want it there (See the story below for more details).

I will try and update this site as I work on the display to let everybody know what is going on.

Neighborhood says No for 2008

New location to be picked for 2008

As some of you may know, we live in a Gated Community of about 33 houses. Traffic picked up for 2008 which caused some traffic problems. A few weeks into December we started to have a team of 3-4 people managing traffic which worked out nicely. We were able to have cars wait at the Gate and allow only so many cars in so it did not block the street. Neighbors were able to pass and get to their homes without much inconvenience. Other concerns though were raised related to Safety & Privacy. Most people move to a Gated Community to be secluded from others for various reasons. It came down to not wanting a bunch of strangers in the neighborhood. Many people want the Gate closed 24/7 which would mean that most people could not come into the neighborhood to see the Christmas Lights. A vote was taken and 11 votes wanted the gate to be open during Christmas and 13 votes wanted it to be closed.

I totally respect their decision but I am a little saddened by the outcome. There have been a few people come forth that have volunteered to have it at their home in other parts of Utah Valley. Moving a display of this size is quite a bit of work since you need to do major power upgrades. There will be a Christmas Display running for 2008, and we will update this web site when we choose what direction we will be going in.

A Big Thank You to everybody that supported the display.

2007 Display is over

A Big Thank You to all those that supported us in 2007.

The Total that everybody donated to Make-A-Wish was $10,219.97. Thank You!
Click here to find out what wishes were granted because of you!

The 2007 Display was a lot of fun and work but well worth it. For 2007 we had 176 channels and over 45,000 lights! We received quite a bit of traffic this year and had to have a crew of 3 people at all times managing the traffic.

For 2007 we were collecting donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah. 100% of all the money collected in the donation box in the front of our display went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant the wishes of children who have an illness that is life-threatening. The Total that everybody donated to Make-A-Wish was $10,219.97! Thank You! Click here to hear about the two wishes that were granted because of our visitors.

Click here to visit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah to learn more about this worthwhile cause or to make a donation.

Songs for 2007 were
Music Box Dancer - DJ Schwede (You can buy it from iTunes)
Overture (Miracle on 34th Street) - Bruce Broughton
Carol of the Bells - Monique Danielle (buy the song for 99cents here)
Winter Wonderland - Alexia Phillips
Jingle Bells - Master Tone (out of print but you can buy it used at

You can e-mail Richard Holdman at