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Holdman Christmas Guestbook

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Holdman Christmas
Feel Free to leave any comments about our Web Site or Christmas Display. Comments are made public on this web page.
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linda castle - Fl. wrote on 12/14/2014:

These are awesome

Joanee Primeau - Cold Lake Alberta, Canada wrote on 12/12/2014:

Your work is just so awesome, I have never seen any thing like it before.

Susie Brown - Maryland wrote on 12/5/2014:

I just watched Amazing Grace lighting. Wow. Uplifting and amazing!!!

Andy Krueger - Germany wrote on 12/2/2014:

Hi Holdman-Team
I love your work! Watching the 2010 complete show at christmas time has become a december-routine since then, this is so great! But when I now try to watch the show, it says "video not available" - is this a faliure on the page or maybe a german problem (referring to copyright laws or anything?)
Greetings from germany

Debbie Nicholas - Calgary, Alberta wrote on 11/30/2014:

Wow. I watch this every year now.

Joerg Huber - Germany wrote on 11/29/2014:

Thank's Holdman family for your wonderfull Christmas Lights show. Hope we will see this year a new one.

Well done!

Happy Christmas to you and all people of the world

Marianne McKenna - New York wrote on 11/27/2014:

I've just now happened upon your Christmas Light Show "Amazing Grace" from a few years back. So beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your Holiday shows!

Florann Mahler - California wrote on 11/24/2014:

Quick question - I was wondering who you use for your website design. I was using Godaddy, but I am possibly looking to change. If you don't mind sharing your information on who you use, I would much appreciate it. Thank you for your time!

Christian T - Illinois wrote on 11/11/2014:

I first saw your display when I was 8 and immediately tried to convince my parents to buy me the light o rama equipment. Well, 5 years passed and they finally decided to buy the equipment! Your display inspired me to do what I now have been doing for three years! Thank you so much!
If you would like to check it out, just email me and I can send the link

Thomas Reguin - Memphis wrote on 11/4/2014:

I love your Christmas displays and i have started my own Christmas Light show because of you. I am 16 and you are my inspiration. Thank you, and you can follow me on FaceBook at LakeHelenaLights

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