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Holdman Christmas
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kristian - brisbane australia wrote on 12/16/2011:

would like to say bloody great mate keep up the good work if you where only over here so we could see it in real have been showing it to my daughter of 3 and she wants me to do i but i dont know how any tips please once again keep up the good work

Paul and Sandy - Oshawa Canada wrote on 12/15/2011:

We have watched all your displays, And we love them all, Thank you for all your hard work, Amazing and beautful, God bless you and your family and Merry Christmas.

brian martin - fort worth texas wrote on 12/14/2011:

All I can say is wow , dude you are the bomb . And your wife is great for letting you do all this . It takes alot of time and money , This is only my 2nd year and im not even close to your setup , congrates , great job.

Thomas Roddy - Bossier City, Louisiana wrote on 12/14/2011:

Who it just gets better and better! I'm always over whelmed thinking of the 100'ds of hours you spend each year just to share such a delight to us all. That is the true meaning of Christmas. I can't wait to she your Christmas Display on your mansion in Glory! Merry Christmas and Thanks so much!

Susan and Tommy Key - Kentucky wrote on 12/13/2011:

Thank you for all the time and hard work you have invested for the pleasure of others! We love all your light shows. Merry Christmas and God Bless

Pat Stephens - Texarkana, AR wrote on 12/13/2011:

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Christmas light show. I have watched your light show over and over every year during the Christmas season and share it with family and friends. God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas

Marie Davis - Washington State wrote on 12/13/2011:

I was emailed your Christmas light display by a friend and I wanted to let you know how amazing it was and how much it lifted my spirits! Thank you so much. Christmas lights are one of my very favorite things and I wish I could see them in person! Merry Christmas!

Chris Grazan - California wrote on 12/12/2011:

Hello and Merry Christmas! A friend e-mailed one of your videos to me and it was so enjoyable I visited the website. Now I'm going to save it and keep visiting here until I've seen everything. Thank you very much for all of your creative effort and for helping to make Christmas brighter for everyone! Great job!

Emmaline Foster - Chattanooga, Tennessee wrote on 12/12/2011:

A friend sent me the video of your lightshow of Amazing Grace. It is thrilling to see someone with so much talent give credit to God. Thanks for working so hard.

Becky Manna - Pennsylvania wrote on 12/12/2011:

You are AMAZING!!!!! My kids and I watch this all the time! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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