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Holdman Christmas
Feel Free to leave any comments about our Web Site or Christmas Display. Comments are made public on this web page.
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Mike Connolly - Edmonton, Canada wrote on 12/5/2011:

wow never seen anything like this simply amazing

Bhavin Makwana - Leicester, UK wrote on 12/5/2011:

This is amazing!! Keep up the hardwork!! Definitely a knowledgeable guy!! Wish you could do something in the UK

Carlos S - Valencia - Spain wrote on 12/5/2011:

Since December 1st all days looking in your website awaiting for your 2011 video!!!! ;-)

Greetings from Europe!!!

Carlos S

Tammy Stardy - Fond du Lac, WI wrote on 12/4/2011:

I sure do like the Christmas light shows and I do post it on my Facebook and give some people ideas how to do their own light show.

Kyle - New York wrote on 12/4/2011:

By far the best Christmas light display out there. It's easy just to throw up a bunch of lights, it's another thing to do it tastefully like you have. Thank you for the tutorial videos and Merry Christmas

Bobby Crawford - Ohio wrote on 12/3/2011:

Your display is absolutely fantastic! I have really enjoyed watching it over the past few years, truly inspirational. I have been hanging lights since I was a little kid, and started using computer control last year. You really are an inspiration, thank you very much for what you bring to this world!

Ruth Ann Mayo - ARIZONA wrote on 12/3/2011:

Freuently post your light displays on Facebook, an extrordinary experience for those of us who genuinely appreciate music and lights! Thank you, wish I could witness your displays personally! Thank you!

Anounomous (idk how its spelled?) - Georgia wrote on 12/2/2011:


Allie - Georgia wrote on 12/2/2011:

crazy awesome lights!!! Amazing. I really liked the Wizards in Winter one. I wish I could do something like that or come and visit, but sadly, I am 13 and don't make those decsions. Loved it!!!

Paul - Manchester UK wrote on 12/2/2011:

One word - WOW This has got to be the best display of christmas lights i have ever seen! Just simply amazing!

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