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- wrote on 8/28/2011:

Douglas Leo Thiesmeyer - Livonia, Michigan wrote on 8/20/2011:

I was searching computer controlled light displays on youtube and I found your videos. You have a great display. Keep it up. Hope to see new videos of yours on youtube in christmas season 2011. Thanks!

Thomas Nails - Birmingham, Alabama wrote on 7/24/2011:

Hello Mr. Holdman,
I am friends with Gina Burns (festivus from PC). I bought my first LOR controller this year and ended up getting one of hers as well. I really appreciate your tutorials. Excellent explainations. Your display is marvelous. I will be runnning 32 channels this year and hope I can be just a fraction of superiority that you display. I hope to get a video up of my display before the actual lighting tipoff. If you have any advice for a Holdman want-to-be please give me a heads up. Thanks again for your inspiration.

Kristy H. - Ajax, Ontario, Canada wrote on 7/14/2011:

Even living in snow country here in Canada I've never seen a light show like this!! Well, not until now! Thank you so very much for putting smiles on so many faces and spreading so much joy all throughout the year!! May God Bless you the way you have Blessed others!

Tim H - Texas wrote on 7/12/2011:

Your still the best Christmas light. Can't wait to see what you are going to do in 2011.

david short - washington state wrote on 7/4/2011:

best lights I've ever seen.

Bryan - Michigan wrote on 7/3/2011:

Was hoping to see you at the LOR expo in Gatlinburg... Would'a loved to talked to you about sequencing. Someone said you had your sequencing on your site but I cannot find it.

Paul - Czech Repubic, Europe wrote on 6/26/2011:

Bravo ! Very nice Christmas light and video music show. Best off to Amazing Grace.

Marvin - Germany wrote on 6/17/2011:

Very nice what is the price for this plant lights. I would like to know just as I have said this very cool lighting system and how the system works via a radio frequency

gerardo - mexico wrote on 6/11/2011:

what program use to control the lights

you use lights led

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