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Holdman Christmas
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Song - Virginia wrote on 12/25/2010:

Great shows! Truly a pleasure to watch. Wonderful showing of Christmas spirit for good cause "Make a wish" Thanks.

Max - Indiana wrote on 12/25/2010:

In a word---GENIUS.

Marcy - Colorado wrote on 12/25/2010:

Thanks for doing this! It has been a blessing to us the Christmas morning.

Tino - Sweden wrote on 12/25/2010:

Very nice with the lights and music.

Blaine - Hartney Canada wrote on 12/24/2010:

you folks have an awesome display.
i have statred doing that kinda display here in Canada.
love how u show how some of ur stuff was made.
it gives me ideas for 2011.
hope u all have a very Merry Christmas
thanks for the beautiful pics and videos
enjoyed them very much.
we played them all day and everyday for the month of Decemember.

Judy - Aberdeen, MD wrote on 12/24/2010:

I saw your display featured on TLC Invasion of Christmas Lights 2010. You did a wonderful job and had to go to your website. I just love watching your light show. Keep up the great hard work.

Karen Stephenson - Newmarket, Ontario wrote on 12/24/2010:

Just saw you on TLC..... awesome job!! I'm glad your neighbors didn't stop you - way to go!!! Merry Christmas!

Bernd - AUSTRIA wrote on 12/24/2010:

YOU DID A GREAT JOB! Thanks from Austria!

Mike Brown - Carlsbad, CA wrote on 12/24/2010:

Your Christmas Light Show to Music was just forwarded to my family via email. What an amazing light show. Thank You for Sharing and Merry Christmas!

stephen - texas wrote on 12/24/2010:

wow how did u think of that love it

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