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Holdman Christmas
Feel Free to leave any comments about our Web Site or Christmas Display. Comments are made public on this web page.
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William Steele - San Diego, CA wrote on 12/21/2010:

You have gone way beyond that anything required of man to show your Christmas spirit and faith. Enjoyed you entired web site. Keep up the great work.

Judy Salmon - Nebraska wrote on 12/21/2010:


Carol Ross - Brunswick, MO wrote on 12/21/2010:

Your lights are my all time favorite. It is great to see the lights back on your house. The music to lights sync is great without getting to busy. I have already voted for you. Merry Christmas.

jacqui donato - New Jersey wrote on 12/20/2010:

You just got MY VOTE and I'm in New Jersey right outside New York CIty GOOD LUCK!

Chase - Lehi, Utah wrote on 12/20/2010:

We've been past your display a few times this year, and we love it! Personally, I like it better at your house than at the trees. keep up the good work!

PJ - Nampa, Idaho wrote on 12/20/2010:

It looks great again this year as always. I bet it was good to be decorating back at home. Good luck on the contest and may your family have a blessed Christmas.

Robert Carpenter - Hopkins, Michigan wrote on 12/20/2010:

I have been following your display for past years. you seem to outdo yourself each year. Thankyou for the enjoyment each season.

Sam - Cumberland, MD wrote on 12/19/2010:

I was surfing the web for the Star of David, a little project I wanted to undertake before Christmas was to build 2 of these stars to put at each end of my fence. To my amazement your website popped up and low a behold a beautiful star of David, and a tutorial on how to build. WOW!!!! That start you fabricated is abolutly beautiful and thank you for the tips on how to go about building. God Bless and have a very Merry Christmas.

Sue - Ontario, Canada wrote on 12/19/2010:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing. I have a hard time at Christmas and getting into the spirit is not easy. After watching your videos, I feel much better and I am going to put up the tree after all. Once again, thank you and may God bless you.

Andrena Wallace - Canton, OH wrote on 12/19/2010:

Excellent job again this year! Glad to see your HOA was willing to compromise.
FYI...Just got an email from my FIL with a link to your video... but someone else was stealing the credit... but of course I recognised it as your work, even had your
My husband aspires to be like you one day!


Yes there is an e-mail floating around that is sort of mix of the stories of 3 different Christmas displays and then has my video in it.

Strange how things start!

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