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An inspiring video I made
Make-A-Wish Utah


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Holdman Christmas
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Tony Bilotti - Anaheim, California wrote on 12/19/2010:

You know Boss, I've seen a few of these things around town and online. Yours is the best I've ever seen. Puts a lump in your throat. The time and expense you put into this is truly inspiring. My hats off to you sir. It makes the world better and you got my vote! Thanx! Tony

Brandon - Montandon, PA wrote on 12/19/2010:

Found your video on Youtube and was amazed at the attention to detail. Synchronization to music is great. True Christmas decoration genius... Keep it up man!

deborah tozzi - illinois wrote on 12/19/2010:

Amazing! God bless you and your family!
Thank you for making the world a better place...

allison - Long Island ,New York wrote on 12/19/2010:

Outstanding Christmas display. Thank you for sharing with us. Makes may heart sing every time I watch. Happy Holdiays to your family.

Bill Longworth - Lexington, Kentucky wrote on 12/19/2010:

Great display, wish I were able to do the same. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Annette & Bill Martin - Skyline Drive in Burdett, NY wrote on 12/19/2010:

Your work is our inspiration. We will never achieve your artistic level but we do our best. Our sole goal is to provide our rural community with a bit of Christmas spirit through the lights. Keep up the outstanding work and I'm happy for the Utah residents that the HOA comprimise deal will allow "your" house spectacular to continue.

Marianne - Virginia wrote on 12/18/2010:

I love watching your lights and always make it a point to check them out every year! I love Mr. Sandman! Merry Christmas to all of you!

linda - ontario, canada wrote on 12/18/2010:

so wonderful to watch and listen its just amazing Merry christmas and thank you

David - Germany wrote on 12/18/2010:

Thank you for your beautifuly work!
It is awesome to see such works.
But: Next year you should plant some new trees for a new performance :)

jim tessendorf - olympia,washington wrote on 12/18/2010:

i have shared your lights on my facebook page and everyone loves them.
i wish i could aford to do this to my house,but i do have 2,500 led outside. i`m unemployed right now but when i get back to work i`ll buy atleast the 32 so i can have so light movement.
i love your lights and i really look forward to the next year to see what you have done differance
God Bless you and your family
Happy Holiday
jim tessendorf

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