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Greg Wolfe - California wrote on 11/29/2013:

Nice work with the Bethlehem Star. I'm building a Star for my roof top. Traditional shape, your frame design is giving me a great blue print to copy. Thanks very much. Your Star is awesome. Merry Christmas.

Bob Carroll - Arkville, NY (Catskill Mountains) wrote on 11/26/2013:

God bless you for the beautiful work you do. I hope you feel the love from all the people you bring joy to with your light shows. May you and your family have a wonderful and joyous Christmas.

Santa - North Pole wrote on 11/25/2013:

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two free coloring books.

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santareply . com

Emanuel Elliott - Orlando, Florida wrote on 10/22/2013:

This is quite an amazing display. You have inspired me to make my own. It is still in the planning though. I thank you for all the wonderful things that you have done!

Shirley - Sarasota, FL wrote on 10/4/2013:

You are the most remarkable, talented man with such a beautiful site I have ever seen on the internet. I have had your site for a few years and always, always enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents and we appreciate you gift so much. God bless you, and I bet you are fast at work on your 2113 Christmas project. Thanks again,
His kid..........Shirley

Eugene Pienaar - South Africa wrote on 9/17/2013:

The American kids don't know how lucky they are, but in South Africa in a little town called Napier we also have a house with lights but not nearly as flashy as your. but give us time and who knows.

Vanessa Riley - nsw australia wrote on 8/30/2013:

Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration.
Its getting close to the start time and this is the site to come to for ideas.
It is unbelievable and I can only aspire to your achievements
I will keep on trying.

Gale Powell - Gresham Oregon wrote on 8/7/2013:

Your light displays are absolutely wonderful. I went here after I watched "Dog wants a kitty. It is really cute. When I saw the Christmas lights in another box, I had to go there. It was breathtaking. I have always loved Christmas Light displays and yours is by far the best! I was just talking to an old friend whom I haven't seen
or talked to in many years. Seeing your work makes my heart swell with love as it does with him. I will share this with him. Thank you. Interview With God was wonderful too.

Park - Pa wrote on 1/25/2013:

I Made An Arch just the other day, I made it with 1 inch pieces of 10 foot pvc pipe, with a coupling in the middle. I spent 5 hours wrapping it by hand, and when I was done, it wouldn't bend and the coupling shattered! So To Those Out there making arches that don't have access to 20 foot lengths, use two pieces of 3/4 inch x ten foot electrical conduit. Also I am making light pole trees, and I am using 2 ten foot fence rails for one of them and wrapping it with lights. Hope This Helps someone out there!
And This Is The Best Display I Have EVER Seen, Except for my own, of course :)

Mary - Ohio wrote on 1/2/2013:

The video that you posted on face book from Russia is out of this world. I hope when you get back to the US and you have some time you can post all of your musical displays to your website for folks that don't have access to face book. Thank you. Happy New Year!

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