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Holdman Christmas Guestbook

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Holdman Christmas
Feel Free to leave any comments about our Web Site or Christmas Display. Comments are made public on this web page.
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Jennifer - Charleston, WV wrote on 12/20/2012:

SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Just fills you with the spirit of Christmas while viewing these videos! Very Talented and Creative...MUAH!

Jane - Delray Beach, FL wrote on 12/19/2012:

It has become a tradition now....not Christmas until we see the Holdman Christmas light display. Thank you for sharing your love for Christmas through your great talent. Great website btw. Thank you!!!

christian - Germany wrote on 12/19/2012:

Sehr schöne shows, ich würde mich freuen sowas mal bei uns in Deutschland zu sehen!!!
Ich werde mir auf jeden fall die DVD von euch bestellen.
Macht weiter so!!!!

Terry - Ontario Canada wrote on 12/18/2012:

Wonderful displays. You truly feel the magic of Christmas.

Wishing you well in what ever you do next!

Cheers and thank you.

Jay E.Russo - Lanoka Harbor, NJ wrote on 12/17/2012:

I have seen several of your displays sent to me in e-mails and have liked everyone, and was wondering if I wanted to get started doing the same for my property what you you recommend I do to get started,not as elaborated as yours but something that could be expanded on at some future date.

Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.


Linda Fraine - Naples FL wrote on 12/16/2012:

I am truly amazed at your talents. I have a hard time putting the icicle lights up on the house:) We have a neighbor in our rural area that has an incredible static display and most of the gated communities in Naples have great displays but we have nothing like yours. I read that you moved, I hope you continue to bring us amazing light shows from your new home. Thank you

Jeanne - San Antonio wrote on 12/13/2012:

Absolutely amazing and beautiful!! Truly magical! This is the best Christmas lights display ever -- and easily rivals the Houston Fireworks and Laser Light show and NYC at Christmas. You are truly gifted!!!

Bette - Ohio wrote on 12/12/2012:

As a young child I can remember going to a house on Long Island that was on a cul-de-sac. The traffic was HORRENDOUS! Several neighbors, over the years, gave in and put displays on their own homes. wasn't anything like what you create!!!!!!
Absolutely beautiful! Wish there was a way for you to do our whole subdivision (20 houses). Can you just imagine how beautiful it would be!!
You have a special talent!

- Portland,or wrote on 12/11/2012:

joanne fitzsimmons - Portland,or wrote on 12/11/2012:

Love these every year My nephew is a Holdman

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