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Holdman Christmas
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Margaret K. Weil - Ottawa, ON, Canada wrote on 12/11/2012:

Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing. Would like to hear more music on your FB page. Can you post more songs, with light display too?

Irene - California wrote on 12/10/2012:

Wow. And again, Wow. I worked for Disney for years and this matches if not beats anything they have done. You gave me the feeling of Christmas without overdoing it. It made me smile and feel happy and that is what the Season is all about. Thank you SO MUCH.

Bill Harriss - St Augustine, Florida wrote on 12/10/2012:

I can't begin to express the emotions that your show does for me. I hope you continue your success in these magnificient programs.

scott - il wrote on 12/9/2012:

good show

bernadette speight - England wrote on 12/9/2012:

Your displays give me so much pleasure. Out of all the displays I have seen on the internet, yours is the BEST. Its not the amount of lights, or how many items displayed, its the simplicity and timing and beauty that you have created. You are truly talented and an inspiration to us all.
Thank you

Pia Muller - Canada wrote on 12/9/2012:

Absolutely awesome, and your light displays are sure to put all of us in the perfect Christmas mood. Fabulous talent! No doubt about that.

Angela Bolen - Texas wrote on 12/9/2012:

The first time I saw the videos from this website was from the website called Mel's Video of the day. And after viewing it I had absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, it had actually put tears to my eyes which this time of year always seems to do that to me.

Patricia and Daniel Greene - Phoenix, Arizona wrote on 12/2/2012:

Thank you so much for everything you do, to your neighbors, Charities, townsmen, and the whole internet (me). I wish there were more people like you out there that sees the beauty in Christmas lighting and Arts. I enjoyed all of your videos, your brothers are also very talented. Thank you so much again.

shanna - utah wrote on 12/2/2012:

We come every year and my kids can't wait till we do. Thank you for taking the time to do it!!!

Richard Edie - United States,Ohio wrote on 12/2/2012:

Dear friends,
Thank you from the family of John Newton, the creator of "Amazing Grace". Great Grandfather John Newton would be so proud of all your efforts for this. I am a Chaplain at the Seven Ranges Scout Reservation in Ohio , headquartered in Canton, Ohio. We celebrate an extra Christmas in July 25 each year at Boy Scout Camp. I pray as we expand our chapel, that we can share this wonderful email of your home and all the work you put forth for others. May your efforts be blessed for the Make a Wish Foundation as well. I wish I could do this here in Ohio. Sadly I can't but the 5000 scouts who come to our camp will enjoy and appreciate it as well as I have. God Bless you and your families this Holy Season, and again Thanks. Rick Edie

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