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Holdman Christmas Guestbook

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Holdman Christmas
Feel Free to leave any comments about our Web Site or Christmas Display. Comments are made public on this web page.
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Christmas greetings - Cleveland Ohio wrote on 11/26/2012:

Thank you for making everyones Christmas special with the lightings and songs.
Wish you a wonderful Christmas.

greetings for Christmas - Cleveland Ohio wrote on 11/23/2012:

Love what you are able to create, it's a true art.

Dan Rygasewicz - Fremont,California wrote on 11/21/2012:


I have sent this Link to all my friends. Some ask is that a real house? This is like Pyrotechnics only with lights. This is definately a save link.

Happy Holidays & keep up the great work.

Park Lauffer - Pa. wrote on 11/19/2012:

I have a Question. In the 2010 display, the arches and light poles seem to glow red, Is this because of the blur of the fast moving lights, or because you added red lights?

Santa Claus - North Pole wrote on 11/11/2012:


I was told that my Elves have automated my mailroom this year and that you can even read some of the letters boys and girls have been sending. Ernie my head elf told me that he has been trying to keep everyone informed about what we are all doing at the North Pole this year. He also said that the Elves have decided to send 2 free coloring books to everyone that writes to me this year.

Want to find out more? Just visit my new website:


Merry Christmas

Alistair Powell - The Villages, FL wrote on 11/4/2012:

Love what you are able to create, it's a true art. Congratulations and here's to a fantastic 2012

Lothar Zurhorst - German wrote on 10/23/2012:

Ich liebe diese Light Shows und es ist eine Freude, zu sehen, mit welch einer kindlichen Vorfreude Mr. Holdman alles aufbaut. Einfach toll. Bitte weitermachen!

Brenda - Loxley, Alabama wrote on 10/5/2012:

You really hit the nail on the head. Jeff and I picked up many pointers from you, and will begin our display this year. Nowhere close to yours, but it will be a start. Your tutorial video brought out some things we did not consider. Thank you so much. Following your lead, we too, will have a Make a Wish donation box. Merry Christmas Yall.

Darlene - Calgary Canada (Western Canada) wrote on 7/9/2012:

I decided it was way to hot outside so I said to myself how can I cool down hahaha well I thought why not listen to Christmas music and Christmas light shows. I came across yours on Youtube. They are fantastic.
May God continue to bless you and your family for all the love you put into your lightshows. Do you think you will be putting some christian music to your shows??
God bless all the way up here in Calgary

Rodney Courville - Trumann.AR wrote on 6/23/2012:

we have watched your light display every year and look forward to the next one.. but we do miss your house. lol. the one for the troops i hope was yours. it was on your site and it was absolutely awesome. my father was vietnam vet and it is so great to see someone honor them like that. my wifes dad was also a vietnam vet and was also MIA over there so we both appreciate all the effort you have put into your shows.. you truely are amazing with your creativity and the love you put into it shows with everything you do. we thank god for you and hope you keep up the great work. hope we can come see it in person someday. thank you again :D

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